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  • Clinically supportive
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14×17″ patient belongings bag has a cinch-top drawstring closure with backpack straps as well as a top handle that unfastens on one side, permitting convenient attachment to wheelchair handles, bedrails, etc.

Curasanas Customers Love our Care Packs:

"Just so handy. I attached to my bed rail and never had to pat around or lunge to the table for my phone, glasses, knitting, etc."  "So cute, my kids filled this with drawings, treats like a care package when they gave it to me with your awesome, indispensable gown."  -Karen

Product Attributes:

  • Can be used to keep handy personal items like reading, games, phone, slippers, toiletries, etc. 
  • You can also use the cute backpack to make your own gift care package of goodies for your loved one! 
  • Internal pocket.

Few people love the lovely plastic belongings bag received upon 'checking in' to store one's personal effects.  We also took note of patients' feedback that they wish they had at easy reach certain things that make them feel a little more comfortable or at ease, whether it be their mobile phone or glasses, lip balm or rosary, sudoku, toy car collection or lozenges.

Curasanas' Patient Pack was devised to simply loop over one's wheelchair or back or the handle can be unattached and re-attached to hang just inside your bed rail, assuring quick and easy access to your must-haves.  We can't take away the need to be in a hospital but we can try to make a challenging time a little easier.   If that means helping assure you have a book,  writing materials, crafts or comfort toys near while you wait for yet another blood draw, chemo session, monitoring or whatever—then maybe we will have helped to make you feel a little better already.

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