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* Best Product Design:

  • Functional, user-friendly
  • Clinically supportive
  • Comfortable, uplifting and distinctly appealing
Experience why our wearable get-well wishes offer the best recovery wear solution around. >
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Turning the Usual Hospital Gown & Breastfeeding Experiences on their Heads

Curasanas bring convenience, quality and coverage to adults and kids of most any shape and size. Whether recovering from surgery, delivering a new baby, treating cancer or living with a chronic condition, you’ll feel better already with Curasanas.

  • Patient gown for mastectomy recovery, plastic surgery, gastric bypass, etc.
  • Maternity gowns, nursing moms
  • Patient wear in private surgery centers
  • Hospital dress for outpatient treatment centers (chemotherapy, radiation, dialysis, etc.)
  • Exam gowns for doctor’s offices
  • Patient satisfaction measure
  • Hospital wear for in-patient surgery recovery
  • At-home recovery from surgical procedures
  • Amenity, sign of quality patient care
  • Functional clothing for hospice care, assisted living or nursing homes
  • Children’s hospital gown (flame resistant as per children’s sleepwear regulations)
  • Hospital clothes in rehabilitative facilities
  • Preparing for surgery or elective procedure
  • Get-well gift!

Curasanas is proud of our top quality construction, custom-milled, cozy fabric and unique, durable fasteners — all the premium inputs that, along with our thoughtful design, make our hospital gown offering so extraordinary. Scroll below for more details about our distinctive product line.

Unique Attributes and Benefits

Selectively separable shoulder seam
Facilitates porta-cath access, passage of tubes and IV bag changes (no threading through sleeves); garments removable without affecting sterile lines. Eases dressing for patients with limited mobility. Partial or total instant access can decrease patient handling & exposure thus maintaining body temperature and modesty, mitigating infection and supporting outcomes. Permits direct breath , heart and bowel auscultation against skin. Allows modesty while nursing, without exposing much of one’s body like with other gowns.
Front kimono opening
Improves modesty both in back (no opening) and in front (with 2 panels of opaque fabric with crossover). No more double-gowning. Easier to self-dress.
Hidden internal pocket
Subtly holds surgical / Jackson-Pratt® drains, telemetry, monitoring, chemo, pump, etc devices while lessening stress on incisions and facilitating untethered freedom of movement. Eliminates patients’ need to rig pinned tubing or apparatus to their hospital clothes.
Roomy yet flattering cut
Facilitates care (for casts, dressings, fluctuating fluid retention, etc). Allows full participation and range of motion for therapy, regular activities, breastfeeding, etc. Varied sizing beats one-size-fits-all.
Soft & silent Velcro®
Provides fast, direct access. No need to correctly pair ties/snaps, simply pat together. Arthritis-friendly. No snaps, ties, zippers or buttons to fumble with. No metal therefore X-ray compatible. Quiet, not scratchy. Durable.
Subtle front pocket
Handy for personal items /key essentials. Large enough but situated so things won’t fall out or cause discomfort.
No metal
Compatible for X-ray/MRI/etc scans.
For kids, inherently flame resistant fabric

As required for children’s sleepwear, compliant with regulations 16 CFR Parts 1615 & 1616.

Uniquely comfortable yet inherently flame resistant fabric (100% polyester) complies with the strictest standard for loose-fitting sleepwear testing. And yet, the fabric feel is indistinguishable from our 100% cotton adult fabric, which is breathable and ultra-cozy.

Quality construction and durable materials
Premium fabrics and fasteners and fresh, bright colors contribute to the best-in-class durability and comfort. Special Velcro® fasteners are bio-sensitive, quiet and soft-to-the-touch, not scratchy; they won’t fray or knot like ties or rust and rip off like metal snaps. Fasteners are reinforced and double-finished seams allow a clean look if one chooses to fold up the cuff seams.

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