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The Smart Hospital Gown - A One Stop Investment for your Hospital Stay & Beyond

Why do we call a hospital gown smart? It makes recoveries more pleasant instead of a stressful, nightmare memory.

Rather than just swap in a cute print on the usual gown, we listened to you and focused on important, truly recovery-improving elements, making our gown a smart and lasting investment.

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Each gown comes gift-packaged in our reusable handy belongings bag.

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  • Super soft, 100% cotton. You won’t feel exposed or vulnerable in our cozy, sized, easy-to-dress kimono design with a fully closed back.  
  • Look effortless and put-together for the revolving door of people at hospital and home. That will help you feel better too! Fully accessible for easy nursing but not falling off you or awkward to access like many designer gowns. Features a quick, selectively separable front via special quiet and bio-sensitive Velcro® along entire shoulder seam and front. 
  • Easy care.  Not just a photo-op throwaway! A worthwhile investment rather than one-time use. Use after the hospital as comfy nursing lounge wear. You can always return for our matching pant and functional jacket too. This will see great use now and with any future babies!
  • Added bonus, plenty of pockets: 2 hidden internal plus external one great for nursing pads, pacifier, phone, tissues-- we know there is so much a mom can need handy during that early time. We've really thought of everything a new mom can appreciate! 

     You see? A smart investment overall!

Other Available Options:

  • Maternity Hospital Gown: Steel Blue/Navy
  • Maternity Hospital Gown: Fuchsia/Cream

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