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Kids Hospital Gown: Steel Blue/Sky Blue

Comfortable, appealing and so practical. Our novel take on the hospital gown is a relief to the recovery experience so kids can just be kids and get back to feeling better already. Nice sanity-saver for caretakers and parents, too.


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  • Modesty length tunic can be worn alone or with matching lounge pant. 
  • Features a selectively separable front and back via soft, quiet and bio-sensitive Velcro® along entire shoulder seam for ease during medical attention, IV change, etc. 
  • Curasanas’ sized, easy-to-dress front kimono design with a fully closed back ensures dignity and style better than any standard-issue or designer patient gown. 
  • Soft, brushed 100% inherently flame resistant polyester, compliant with US Children's Sleepwear regulations 16 CFR Parts 1615 & 1616
  • No metal, thus scan-compatible. Kids don't have to fuss if they need another x-ray.
  • Includes a hidden, internal pocket to discreetly accommodate telemetry/monitoring/surgical drainage/other devices.  Or secret access to video games.
  • Tagless neck and off-center back seam alleviate pressure, great for kids with sensory issues. 
  • Handy external pocket too. Because we totally get that one's favorite figure or doo-dad must be close.

Other Available Options:

  • Kids Hospital Gown: Fuchsia/Lt Purple

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