University of Michigan Makes Survivor’s Dream Come True

Nothing feels better than dreams coming true, and that’s why we love to share stories of folks overcoming odds and making their wishes come true. Today we’d like to showcase Stephen Loszewski, a Missouri teen who grew up in a family full of Michigan fans, and whose own love for Michigan football had him hoping to one day play football for the Wolverines.

Sadly, after he was diagnosed with Leukemia his freshman year of high school, it replaced plans of playing football and a normal high school experience with chemotherapy and hospital visits. Luckily, he’s been in remission since his Sophomore year, but he could not play football.

When it came time for Stephen to choose his wish, he wanted to be treated like a Michigan recruit he’d always dreamed about. Michigan fulfilled his wish beyond what he could’ve imagined. He got letters from his idol, Jake Long, with letters from every Michigan coach. He was brought to the Ann Arbor campus where he underwent the process of being “recruited” just like any other player would be. Then, he was given the opportunity to speak to NCIS star and Michigan fan Mark Harmon, who even came to visit him in his home later.

But the cherry on top of this amazing sundae was Stephen leading the Michigan team out of the tunnel while the “Go Blue” banner was proudly hung, all while wearing his own helmet, jersey, and gloves (which he somehow almost broke his glasses trying to put on!)

We are thrilled that Stephen’s dream came true, and that Michigan did so much to help him fulfill his dream and also feel better and feel happy.  Go Blue!

Cover Image courtesy of ESPN