Talk about Fabulous Life-Affirming Friday Inspiration

The UK’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Research organization is currently running a brilliant campaign asking people to share something that makes them ‪#‎FeelAlive‬. Just gorgeous responses.

Here are some of our faves:

  • Laughing. Laughing really, really hard. So hard you snort.‪#FeelAlive
  • The sound of the rain, the smile on my nephews faces, happy times with family and friends make me ‪#FeelAlive
  • Cycling the ‪#sussexdowns is making me ‪#FeelAlive today!
  • This message from my brother yesterday – results of his scan after treatment for Burkitts {scans clear! xx] ‪#Feel alive
  • Seeing her son Collin smile through treatment makes Rebecca ‪#FeelAlive
  • 19 years after Hodgkins diagnosis, spending lovely half term with my 2 great kids ‪#Feelalive
  • Nursing in oncological hematology. I literally have the best, most rewarding job ever!
  • I reached my one year in remission day on Wednesday! ‪#FeelAlive
  • Seeing my Mum Smiling on the other side of her Bone Marrow Transplant makes me ‪#FeelAlive
  • Running a Half Marathon on Sunday makes me ‪#FeelAlive
  • Her daughter Charlotte finishing treatment for ALL makes Sarah ‪#FeelAlive
  • Celebrating being 2yrs post stem cell transplant 2day! ‪#FeelAlive ‪#lymphoma ‪#honeymoon

The mission of the UK’s Leukemia & Lymphoma Research organization: “We want every single person affected by blood cancer to live life to the full, free from fear of relapse & the side effects of treatment.”

This spirit definitely dovetails nicely with our own mission to help patients feel better already in their recoveries.  With our friendly patient wear, we want to equip folks to be ready to recover and fully feel alive, too!