Big Spiderman encouraging a challenged but fierce Small Spidey

For one happy day, costumes encourage kids in hospital gowns

A little perspective to round out your yearly post-Halloween picture exchange and debriefing while you run re-con through Junior’s candy stash 😉

This selection of heartwarming pics speaks volumes especially when viewed proper size.  Just click on the first pic top left and brace yourself for sports heroes turned softies (the hilarious Bruins a la “Frozen” have probably never witnessed such bravery) as you scroll through the powerful yet spunky set of preemies, piggies, police guys, Popeye and more.

Of course here at Curasanas, we know many things beat having to wear the traditional hospital gown (besides, of course, not having to be in the hospital at all, then using our cute and comfortable, as well as functional patient pajamas).  But, if recovery can include some sparkle, temporary escape and extra joy– anything to make treatment a little less scary– all the better.  Feel better already, kids.