Zoolander flips the tortilla

Dale la Vuelta and Feel Better Already!

We really love this. Oozes optimism and who can’t use that? In the catchy video below, almost seventy Spanish & non-Spanish celebs unite to share a simple, positive message via the encouraging refrain “Dale la vuelta a la tortilla.

Literally, it’s Flip the [delicious, savory classic Spanish potato] omelette. (sorry, the parenthetical comment is mostly editorial; we’re drooling over here.) Figuratively, it’s basically a Public Service Announcement to Turn it around. Start fresh. Change your perspective, Turn your ‘tude! Quit yer whinging and get on with it. Turn the page/tables. Make lemonade! Look on the flip/bright side. Don’t worry, be happy!

You get the picture.  For the determined diehards who must know what Bradley Cooper is saying or who that cute guy is towards the end who you’ve never seen before, you can find below the video our best, albeit imperfect, attempt at translating the whole song, along with who sings what.  Note that some lyrics may seem random read translated as they are chock-full of double entendres or particular Spanish idioms and silly humor often related to the character singing them. Transcending the entertaining eyecandy culture-specific lyrics, we think the gist is cute and effective, injecting an oft-needed note of levity to our daily trials.  Maybe all of us could use taking ourselves a little less seriously, too.

Whoever you prefer delivers you the hopeful message, the bottom line is the same and aligns closely with our own ‘Feel better already’ mantra.  Of course, we are big fans.  Our own tortilla lyric? “Recovering from *%&!#? Get in your Curasanas and feel better already.” ;D

So, the next time you have a bad day.. Tomate un pincho de felicidad!

Click below to watch “Dale la Vuelta la Tortilla” — full translation & Who’s Who follows!

Dale La Vuelta La Tortilla Lyrics and Translation:

Hay días en lo que todo sale mal (Antonio Banderas, actor)
There are days when everything goes wrong

Te levantas con un resacón brutal (Bradley Cooper, actor “The Hangover”)
You wake up with a brutal hangover

Estás al borde un ataque de nervios (Concha Velasco, actress “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown)
You’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Y tu tablet no te funciona (Jordi Évole, TV presenter)
And your tablet doesn’t work

Se te va la pelota, ‘quillo (Sergio Ramos, soccer player)
You lose your mind, ‘chiquillo’ (dude)

Y no encuentras el anillo (Elijah Wood, actor “Lord of the Rings”)
And you don’t find ‘the ring’ 

Hay días en los que te quieres morir (Belen Rueda, actress)
There are days you want to die

Te ha salido un grano interno en la nariz (Ricardo Darin, actor)
A massive pimple appeared inside your nose

Si tu coche no contesta (David Hasselhoff, actor “Knight Rider”)
If your car doesn’t answer (Kit!) 

Y tienes mangas como éstas (Enrique Iglesias, singer)
And you have sleeves like these

Si tienes un mal día (Miguel Bosé, singer/actor)
If you have a bad day 

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla (Alberto Chicote, chef)
Flip the tortilla

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla, si estás quemado con la vida (Laura Pausini, singer & Pablo Motos, TV presenter from “La Hormiguera”)
Flip the tortilla if you’re burned out by life 

Tómate un pincho de felicidad (Mónica Naranjo, singer)
Take a bite of happiness

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla, échale huevos y alegría (Pablo Motos and people from his TV show– Juan Tamariz, Paula Echevarría, Álex de la Iglesia, director — + Mario Casas, actor and Hugo Silva, actor)
Flip the tortilla, get tough and add happiness

Dale la vuelta a la tortiillaaaa (Karlos Arguiñano, chef)
Flip the tortilla

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla (Ryan Reynolds, actor)
Flip the tortilla

La cabeza no la puedes levantar (Dani Martín, actor)
You can’t lift your head

Se te ha puesto verde el pan integral (Julia Otero, radio; Mario Vaquerizo, singer/actor)
Your wheat bread has turned green

Y te destiñe la camisa (Juanes, singer)
Your shirt dye bled/faded 

Y los rizos se te alisan (David Bisbal, singer)
And your curls fell flat

Si la vida da limones, haz limonada (Enrique San Francisco, actor)
If life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Si la vida te da sobras, haz sobrasada (Enrique Cerezo, President of Atletico Madrid soccer)
If life gives you leftovers, make [a particular kind of] sausage [that plays on the Spanish word for leftovers]

Si tu loro no tiene alpiste (Ferran Adrià, chef El Bulli)
If your parrot doesn’t have birdseed

Y tu novio se hace hipster (Marta Sánchez, singer)
And your boyfriend becomes a hipster

Hipster [rap].. hip! (Tom Hanks, actor)

Refrain repeat with David Bisbal, singer + Melendi, singer + Pablo Motos assistant + Imanol Arias, actor + Gloria Estefan, singer + Ben Stiller, actor (zoolandering, no less!) + Victor Valdes, soccer goalie + Estopa, David y Jose Muñz + BackStreet Boys + Alejandro Sanz, singer + Ricky Martin, singer + Maria León, actress

Si tla vida te da un revés (Amaia Salamanca, actress + Paula Echevarría, actress)
If life gives you a setback

Y te huelen los pies (Emilio Aragón, actor)
And your feet stink

iO te sacan de tus casillas (Iker Casillas, goalie Real Madrid)
Or things are driving you crazy

Dale la vuelta a las cosas, ya veras que maravilla (Elsa Pataki, actress)
Turn things around, you’ll see how marvelous

Refrain: Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman, actor + Jeremy Irons, actor + Channing Tatum, actor

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla, si sigues estando quemado con la vida, tómate un pincho de felicidad (Melendi, singer + Diego ‘El Cigala’ Salazar, singer)
Flip the tortilla, if you’re still burned out by life, take a bite of happiness

Repeating the Tortilla Refrain with new appearances + prior repeats: José Bono, politician + Raphael, singer + Paco León, actor + Rudy Fernandez, basketball player + Jorge Sanz + Javier Cámara + Marc Márquez, motorcycle racer + Trancas y Petancas (Juan Ibáñez) + Barrancas (Damián Mollá) + El Hombre de Negro (Pablo Ibáñez) + Marron + Anna Simón + Pilar Rubio, TV presenter + Jandro

“A livala lempe lem penpau,
 A livala lempe lem lalempe lem penpau” (Diego ‘El Cigala’ Salazar, singer)

Eh tú: Dale la vuelta a la tortilla
Hey, YOU- Flip the Tortilla

Dale la vuelta a la tortilla YA (Ricky Martin, singer)
Turn it around ALREADY