Curasanas Gowns Win on TV’s hit “Red Band Society”

We’re digging how the below sneak peek into TV’s new “Red Band Society” shows a wheelchair race with a boy decked out in our Curasanas hospital pajamas beating out another patient not so well-equipped in her non-Curasanas wear (and who nearly rams into the show’s star, Octavia Spencer). So, Curasanas not only frees you up to PLAY but apparently also adds amazing speed and incredible dexterity unlike any ever shown in a world-class pediatrics hospital– we’ll take that!

Ok, maybe we took a liiiiittle liberty in our interpretation… Click the video below to check out the clip yourself. You can also learn more about Curasanas on Red Band Society by clicking here. Needless to say, we are super enthused to be associated with such a groundbreaking, sure-to-be hit that’s positioned to shake up in quite a few ways how people think of life in hospitals.