Curasanas salutes Child Health Day

Curasanas celebrates Child Health Day

Child Health Day: As important today as it was in 1939…

Good stuff. Check out the award-winning website of the pediatrician-led Nemours center for kids health media to learn how you can protect and foster great health in your little ones.

We love a positive, proactive resource and we like to share things like this whenever we can.  While nothing can take the place of an in-person visit with a doctor, the KidsHealth site is well  worth a bookmark for future reference. Arming oneself with preliminary information and a plan can do so much to help feel better already.  Pretty impressive interactive section for kids too.

We worked extremely hard to develop Curasanas hospital gowns for kids that not only worked for doctors and nurses but were also appreciated by young wiggly patients whose priority includes ability to play Wii without a pic line annoying, etc!   Another critical key was conforming with US children’s sleepwear regulations for flame resistance, while still ensuring maximum comfort– we are proud to say the special fabric we sourced for our kids patient pajamas is all but completely indistinguishable in touch from our custom-milled 100% cotton!

Cheers to the health of all children.