CHOP staff dancing to Bald So Hard

Cancer Bald So Hard Jay-Z Parody to Raise Awareness

As one fan commented, cancer patient and bright UCLA student Tom Gillin may not have hair, but he sure has a lot of heart.

He wrote and recorded a funny video spoof starring real patients, doctors, nurses etc in an effort to turn the tables on his own tough treatment situation and use it to promote pediatric cancer awareness.  It takes an amazing spirit to channel one’s frustrations and challenges for the good of others; we were both inspired and entertained by Tom’s clever adaptation of fave Jay-Z raps.

Have a good laugh-cry at the video below and then click here to honor Tom’s intent to spread the word about the progress as well as persistent challenges faced by the excellent Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP, where Tom is being treated) and pediatric cancer centers across the world. Ultimately, the hope is people become aware enough to take proactive action: donate to underfunded research, write your congressman, help a family — you get the idea.. awareness on its own isn’t going to move things forward.

Then, please share the heck out of this in hopes it gets the attention of his hero, Jay-Z.              Sounds like it would really make this other hero’s day…


We at Curasanas of course love Tom’s positive attitude.  Talk about flipping the proverbial tortilla (click here if you need more entertainment and missed that funny, star-studded pick-me-up).  It’s all part of trying to make a not-great situation better; not unlike Curasanas innovating a comfortable, clever and cute hospital gown to help make one’s patient experience a little more pleasant and a good deal less frustrating.

Feel better already, Tom, we think you’re brilliant!