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* Best Product Design:

  • Functional, user-friendly
  • Clinically supportive
  • Comfortable, uplifting and distinctly appealing
Experience why our wearable get-well wishes offer the best recovery wear solution around. >
Curasanas: Wear. Care. Share.


A Modern Redesign of the Generic, ‘One-Size-Fits-None’ Hospital Gown

Curasanas™ offers the most civilized, comfortable and functional patient wear, uniquely improving the overall care and recovery experience for both patients and caregivers. Shop our thoughtfully designed line of patient gowns, adaptive bed jackets, coordinating pajama pants, welcoming robes, handy patient belongings bags and discreet, easy and stylish infinity scarf nursing covers.

Making Care More Friendly (psst.. we're more useful than more flowers too ;)

Learn more below about the many ways Curasanas patient wear contributes to a quality care experience with our enhanced functionality, mindful design and best-in-class construction. Apart from these, the sheer appeal plus benefits of dignity, ease and comfort our patient PJs bring you and your loved ones make choosing Curasanas a no-brainer. Our versatile and dare-we-say chic breastfeeding cover follows the same theme.

Because patients can often heal better when they feel comfortable and look great.

We were inspired to create Curasanas to transform patient experiences in pleasing and practical ways.

Functional. Appealing. Safe. User-friendly. Quality. Dignifying. Comfy Cozy.

Complete, Direct & Easy Velcro ® Access along Shoulder Seams & Kimono Opening

  • Simplifies IV changes, EKG lead
    placement, direct listening
  • Immediate, selective or full access
  • Helps support sterility conditions
  • Facilitates accessing and re-dressing
    without pairing difficult snaps/ties

Dual Outside & Hidden Inside Pockets

  • Subtly hold drainage and/or
    telemetry devices
  • Proximity to treatment area
    can help lessen stress on incisions
  • External pocket for carrying key essentials

Comfortable & User-Friendly Design

  • Improved modesty promotes early ambulation and therapy as well as
    restores dignity
  • Closed back; Easy to self-dress
  • Roomy and adjustable fit
  • 4 interchangeable pieces for
    evolving needs

Appealing Fabric &
Built-to-Last Construction

  • Durable, non-transparent,
  • Cozy fabric, off-center back seam,
    and no neck tags for comfort
  • Quality construction with
    reinforced fasteners
  • X-ray/Scan-compatible, no metal

While medical staff has applauded the utility of Curasanas, patients love their look.
Because sometimes a comb or a little bit of lipstick won’t do the trick.

But, patients often mend faster if they look and feel better.  And, when they are more comfortable, patients feel more satisfied about their recovery experience.  Curasanas patient wear help make a big difference in that they are highly functional, user-friendly, cozy and – not least — uplifting and appealing.

All patients — from young children and nursing mothers to recuperating daredevils and convalescing grandparents — will find Curasanas adaptive clothing designed with their comfort in mind.

How Curasanas recovery wear is different for patients:

  • Optimal functionality for easiest and most practical care
  • User-friendly and flattering design.  Varied sizing and easy to self-dress
  • Unconstricting , modest and adjustable fit, encouraging therapy
  • Helps patients cope with hospital-to-home recovery, increasing comfort , dignity and empowerment, alleviating stress
  • Exceptional, durable and super-soft fabrics, quality construction
  • Warm, soft, cheering, fun and special.  Can enhance satisfaction and support outcomes

It’s got to work for the caregiver.
We are just as committed to assuring easy, safe and unrestricted access for medical staff as we are dedicated to restoring comfort, dignity and usability for patients.

Hospital efficiencies, patient outcomes and satisfaction may all be improved as a result of Curasanas’ specific, smart clinical design elements.  While these improvements can enhance an organization’s image, market share and bottom line, nothing flies if patients' gear doesn’t work for the front line.

How Curasanas recovery wear is different for doctors and nurses:

  • Unrestrictive for the caregiver, fully accessible and efficient for exam, IV or emergency purposes
  • Mitigates infection with easy maintenance of unbroken sterile lines, less patient exposure and handling
  • Staff can conveniently manage lead/central line/chest tube placement and care, dressing changes and direct breath/bowel auscultation.  The open back isn’t missed!
  • Fast, direct access to the chest for Code Blues; no need to lose time moving patient or cutting away gown
  • Happy and more comfortable patients can mean more manageable care and higher satisfaction

Enjoy these wearable get-well wishes with peace of mind.
Supersoft, comfortable and pleasing, with winning functionality. Can you believe it?  Attractive healthcare “coverage” that works!

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